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Products Assessment & Evaluation

Timely assessment, evaluation and intervention helps our members provide market oriented goods and services without wasting resources and energy. The problem with our sheltered workshop members is that in most of the cases they work in isolation. Neither their supporters nor they themselves have the real-world knowledge of exactly what is needed in the market, how it is to be designed, how it is to be priced and packaged, and finally, the logistics of delivering.

Arunim partners with experienced and qualified product designers from highly renowned organisations like MESH Design Studio, MITI Institute of Design, Cottage Emporium and we also rope in independent and reputed field specialists to provide our members the best information in the arena.

Benefits of products assessment and evaluation

Lots of effort and investment goes into setting up of a production centre. Before proceeding our members can approach Arunim to conduct a qualified round of assessment and evaluation where they get to know how feasible their approach is and how sustainable their enterprise is going to be. Our team of specialists carefully go through product samples, production processes and marketing strategies and then make their own suggestions.

It’s not necessary that we provide assessment and evaluation services just at the seeding stage; our members can avail the service at any time, even when they have been running their workshops for many years.

The primary objective of our team at Arunim is to help member organisations and sheltered workshops to adopt a sustainable model of production and marketing. This can be attained by manufacturing products that are actually needed in the market at the rates the market is ready to pay. Aside from these there has to be a realistic revenue model for the economic empowerment of our members. Every assessment and evaluation is conducted keeping these facts in mind.

The evaluation and assessment camps and workshops are being conducted in different regions. Our members can also visit our various centres situated at strategic locations and benefit from these camps.