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Micro Enterprise & Business Development

We address the queries of our member NGOs related to starting a micro enterprise, Costing & pricing of products, new business idea generation etc.

ARUNIM works with approximately 153 NGOs & Individual Entrepreneurs. These NGOs help and train persons with disabilities to produce many kinds of handmade products, which are unique and have ethnic flavour, but due to lack of right business strategies and marketing skills, the products are not popular in the market. The member NGOs voiced a strong desire to get trained in management of micro-enterprise. Hence there was a urgent requirement to equip and orient the members across India with tools and skills to promote micro enterprise.

Some of the essential components being covered are - classification of livelihood, livelihood framework and analysis, concept of labour vs. enterprise, concept of entrepreneurship, enterprise and entrepreneur, identification and selection of an enterprise, feasibility analysis, SWOT Analysis, break-even analysis, costing and pricing strategy, business plan preparation, financial & non-financial resources, establishing an enterprise, concept of market, marketing mix (planning and designing), value Chain, essential components of preparing a project proposal and so on.

Udyogini was identified as the resource trainers, an NGO registered under the Indian Societies Act, with its base in Delhi and operating across five different states of India. Established in 1992, it came into existence as the nodal agency to implement, monitor, coordinate and network the Women’s Enterprise Management Training Outreach Program conceptualized and funded by World Bank Institute. Udyogini works to empower poor women through micro-enterprise development and management. So far they have trained around 350 intermediaries and reached out to 40000 producer women across India both in rural as well as urban areas. Their methodology of training is simple and grass root level and in local language.