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ARUNIM is a path breaking Marketing Federation, registered under Societies Registration Act 1865 and launched by Dr. Abdul Kalam on 22nd September 2008. ARUNIM is a step towards Economic Empowerment of persons with moderate to severe disabilities, who have limited opportunities for open placement.

ARUNIM though instituted by National Trust as an independent Marketing Federation stands today as one of its registered organization (RO) serving the interest of over 250 NGO members from 26 states / Union Territories  and reaches out to more than 3000 persons with disabilities. 

ARUNIM works towards procuring at least minimum wages for persons employed in sheltered/ supported work environments, by facilitating entrepreneurship and skill development, innovative product designing and development,  adaptations and mechanization where appropriate and feasible. It would create micro enterprises of sheltered workshops and market products made by using sound strategies in Product, Packaging, Pricing, Placing and Promotions. 

ARUNIM’s mandate is:

- Building Capacity & Skill Development

o Innovative product designing 

o Introducing adaptations and mechanization, where appropriate and feasible

o Quality Standardizations etc.

- Entrepreneurship skill development

- Marketing and Brand building ARUNIM products and services

Chaired by Ms. Sminu Jindal, Chairperson of Jindal SAW Ltd., ARUNIM is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. The ARUNIM Board draws active support from an enthusiastic team of professionals who have had extensive experience in the fields of marketing, product design, human resource, special education, law and the NGO sector, working with persons with disabilities.