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Arunim Story

The founding members of ARUNIM believe that there is no physical and intellectual independence without financial independence. There were many organizations and NGOs running occupational workshops engaging persons with disabilities but there were very few that could actually leverage the potential of the real-world markets while countering the cutthroat competition. It was difficult for them to offer products accordingly, and aggressively, due to lack of proper training, access to resources and marketing expertise.  If there were good products there was no visibility and if there was visibility the quality and availability was lacking.

Hence, was born ARUNIM, on 22 September, 2008.  The initiative was inaugurated by none other than the former President of India Hon’ble Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

ARUNIM's core objective is to facilitate economic empowerment of adults with developmental disabilities so that they become contributing citizens of our country.

Since there are very few career-based opportunities available to the persons with disabilities in the open job market they often have to work in sheltered workshops and environments. Whereas these workshops are a great place to get people together and enable them to engage in meaningful activities they don't have enough resources to create sustainable economic models.

ARUNIM, through its team of highly driven professionals hailing from different business streams, transforms these workshops/production centers into tiny enterprises that create business and career opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities.

ARUNIM aims to work at both the ends of the spectrum: educating its members to enable them to create quality products that can meet the standards of the competitive market and building and sustaining marketing platforms to give a push (and provide visibility) to the products created by persons with disabilities. We don't just help our members hone their skills and create marketable products we also reach out to prospective markets

Our dream is to turn these micro-enterprises into self-sustaining economic units that go on creating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities on their own with occasional support from specialist professionals.