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Success Stories

In Shilpotsav 2009 “Satya Special School”, a member NGO of ARUNIM won the Best NGO award.

Shilpotsav 2009

Satya Special School has about 50 adults with Mental Retardation and 10 mothers of persons with disability who work in vocational training centre. SSS has launched a series of income generation program (IJP) to provide financial empowerment to the adult PWDs. Other than traditional training programs such as tailoring, weaving, embroidery etc. they have launched new programs on terracotta, printing, stationary products, perfume candles, home accessories, gifts & souvenirs & festival products.


Their products are eco friendly and zero waste. Their quality of products in terms of right price, packaging & attractiveness has delighted customers at Shilpotsav. They have bagged corporate orders and bulk orders other than good sale at the Mela.


ARUNIM hopes to facilitate other NGOs to take such initiatives in all their ventures.